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July 13, 2016   

Hawaii Tweaks Medical Marijuana Law

Hawaii Gov. David Ige signed legislation that tweaks the state’s new medical marijuana program, including provisions that could mean tax breaks, more products and more patients for dispensaries.

Under the state’s MMJ program, dispensaries are allowed to open for business Friday. But it’s unclear if any will be ready. Hawaii recently awarded …


July 7, 2016   

Big Sales Predicted for Hawaii MMJ Dispensaries

Hawaii’s new medical marijuana dispensaries are expected to ring up $12.7 million to $38 million in sales during their first year of business, a report from the Hawaii Dispensary Association predicts.

By 2018, sales could surge to as much as $145 million, according to the association’s report.

The initial sales projections are based on …


July 6, 2016   

Hawaii Medical Marijuana Dispensary Openings Delayed

The first dispensaries in Hawaii likely won’t begin serving patients until much later this year, even though they’re officially allowed to open next week.

The reason: they’re simply not ready.

Hawaii officials just awarded business licenses in late April, so the companies that will grow and sell cannabis at up to 16 dispensaries in …

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