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How to Begin

Information to Start the Process

Our apologies in advance as there is a lot of info!

First Step: Call or Email us for a pre-screening and scheduling of your appointment --you must have one of the qualifying conditions/symptoms (here's a link to that list Qualifying Medical Cannabis Conditions

Ready to start? Then, here we go:


The actual Medical Marijuana Registry Program application is completed through the Department of Health's (DOH) portal. Here is the link to start that process


There are two parts, the patient registration, and then the provider certification section. Once you are done with your portion of the application, our caring certifying provider is able to view the application and certify your qualifying condition.


Call or email us prior to starting the online patient application. Once you complete the online application, it will ask for $38.50. This fee goes straight to DOH, it does not come to us and is not refundable from the State if you don't qualify. This is the reason why we want you to contact us so we can do a quick pre-screening. The whole online application portion should only take about 10 minutes to complete. 


Our certifying fee, if you finish the application on your own, is $165 (that payment is collected at the time of your appointment after your evaluation -you will also get a 10% discount since you're military --we accept cash or credit, no checks please). If we submit the entire application on your behalf (including the $38.5) then the charge is $235. If your condition is not qualified, then we will not charge you for the visit.  


Please make sure to bring your state ID. Out of state ID is fine, but you must have a local physical address in order to submit your application. Also, if you are taking any prescriptions please bring the complete list and doses with you when you have an appointment. 


Please email or call us if you have any questions while going through the process --we are here to help! 


Take Care & Aloha!

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